• Number of 'crorepatis' in assessment year 2015-16 grew 23.5%

    Individuals with over ?1 crore of declared income rose 23.5% to 59,830 in tax assessment year 2015-16, according to data released by Income Tax Department. These individuals had a cumulative income of ?1.54 lakh crore in the same period. Only one person had an income of over ?500 crore and his total income was ?721 crore in the same year.

What's Apnakar?

Apnakar is a one-stop taxpayer service platform created for the income tax payers in the Ludhiana Region, including Patiala, Jalandhar and the entire jurisdiction.

Apnakar allows tax payers and their representatives to log-in and place their problems, grievances, requests and suggestions directly in the office of the Chief Commissioner of Income Tax,..

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